zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Monday, April 30, 2012

Beautiful Photographs of Nature, Flowers, lizards & Australia on the central coast & sydney

A Picture Says A Thousand Words, So True!

Hope you enjoy these wonderful pics i took as much as i enjoyed taking them.

Skull Rock The Haven Terrigal NSW

Terrigal Beach NSW
yellow flower
red flower NSW

Water dragon Lizard terrigal NSW

Water dragon

smiling water dragon

Haven Beach NSW

Australian Reptile Park NSW

snake at reptile park NSW

emu with a hairdo

Sydney Bridge 

bird botanical gardens sydney

Botanical Gardens Sydney 


Birds under the shade of a tree

elegant cream flower 

purple tree sydney 

opera house sydney

Clear waters at terrigal beach NSW

plant root

pink flower

Perfect Pink flower
eye pooping flowers


Terrigal Rocks nsw
Wamberal nsw

Hungry seagulls

Long Horn cow

''I want my milk back'' cow

Close up cow
British bull dog


Mouse Spider
Tree Botanical gardens Sydney 


sydney opera house

array of trees sydney 

pitted rock face sydney

Bird of Australia 

Red flowers sydney

Botanical gardens sydney

Black bamboo

Carved Bamboo sydney 
Cat with attitude

Mini Lizards

Bronze whaler Shark Terrigal Rocks NSW

monitor lizard nsw

water dam nsw

nsw flower
Lizard in our garage

Huntsman spider
Gosford art gallery Garden
Gosford art gallery Garden
water fall at Gosford art gallery

trim round ball hedges at Gosford art Gallery

very green bug, love its eyes 

Chicken face
Butterfly landing

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beautiful flower in full bloom
frangi panni flower, so perfect
meeting of the bug bodies

aloe vera plant