zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ideas For Handmade & crafted adults & kids Birthday,valentines, Easter & mothers day paper craft greeting Cards

Hand Made greeting craft Cards For All Occasions

There is nothing more interesting, personal and thoughtful than giving or receiving a handmade card. I love the different craft papers you can make or buy, ribbons, glitter and glue. Anything goes. They can be as simple or elaborate as you like and there are so many occasions and reasons to send a card. Sometimes its nice to just send a " thinking of you card" just to remind someone you havnt forgot about them. It is amazing how something so simple can brighten up your day. 
As a child i would love to receive mail by post it would make me feel special. I always loved pop up cards when growing up, they were fascinating and so detailed.
There are many different mediums you can use to create cards and i hope to cover as many as i can so i will be adding to this post as much as i can with new handmade card ideas for every occasion. 
bird card made from craft paper, butterfly cut shapes and a hand drawn bird.

children's card, little lizards with 3D curling paper tounges
butterfly flower, layered paper
butterfly tree
I like to use a good quality water colour paper or sketch book paper because you can hand draw and paint  anything you like which can be cut out and used on your card design. Using a good thicker paper enables your design to stand out on the card giving a 3D look adding depth and interest. It also will not curl or distort especially if you are using paints.
Men's cricket fan's birthday card using layers paper with masked tracing paper backdrop with vintage image  
wrapping paper cutouts
This card was made from a bird gift tag my sister made and sent me for my birthday, i loved it so much i designed this card, simple but effective
paper and mini fimo butterflies with paper star
another bird on tree deign using paper
This one has more of a christmas feel, using paper and sequins to create a ginger bread man
Hand drawn bird with cut out flowers using water colours
Funky angle card made from paper and plastic 3D butterflies 
Perfect for Easter or Mothers day, I used thicker card to raise the heart giving it a 3D effect
Perfect Mothers day card, layered paper flowers and folded paper holder brings it to life, if your mum has a fav colour just change the design to suit her.
simple cake design, who doesn't like cake!
Try to collect different colours of paper. I rip strips of colour from old magazines, newspapers and junk mail. They are great for cutting little flowers out and save you loads of money so get recycling.
For the modern mum, paper on card
pretty twig and flower reef using brown paper and a steady hand
Pink bouquet of flowers with butterfly detail

Paper layered flower

Bird in nest, made using cut outs from magazines
Layerd hearts with red pen detailing. I used a felt fabric heart in the centre to give it some texture. I also print the little message off my computer but if you have great hand writing you could write it on  
Cute and fun hand sown mushrooms in felt with paper  grass
I made this card from a gift tag my sister made me (the mushroom) added clouds and a little wooden lady bug which you can buy from craft shops
Girly pink card with pastel on water colour paper background. I used brown paper to create the rabbit and hand drawn the detail with pen & pencils
Pirate theme card again using brown paper and pens

Happy birthday hand made greetings card made from paper & polymer clay butterflies 
Love You Vintage airplane hand crafted card
Hand painted sugar skull tattoo art greeting card
Heart with butterflies
Hand drawn sugar skull lollipop head with cherry earrings
Vintage style birds delivering a letter
This is one my sister made and sent me for my birthday, she has sown onto the card and used stamps which gives it a real cool vintage look and i love it xx

Boat themed boys birthday card using paper cut outs with 3D fish

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