zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Mushroom picture revamped from a old picture frame

Revamp a old picture frame into a fairytale mushroom picture

All you will need is a old picture frame, white paint, cream paper, sandpaper, scissors & some cream, red & green material scraps or you could just use sheet felt. There is no sowing or glue required as the glass holds everything in place. 
Remove glass & backing to the frame then sand down & paint

I only gave it a wash of white paint because i like the worn vintage look
Get your cream paper & cut it to fit the frame, this is your backdrop. Cut-out some simple but different sized mushrooms & a little grass then position onto the backdrop of card. If you are happy with the layout place the glass on top this will hold everything into place.

Keep the glass in contact with the picture as you put the frame back together & there you have it a cute little forest mushroom pic xx

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Fairy Mushroom cake kids birthday decoration idea

Great for kids birthday party's or perfect for a teddy bears picnic in the woods.

Fairy Mushroom Cake Decoration, because life is sweet!

To make this cake i used my basic cake mix that never fails. 100g of butter, self-raising flour & sugar. 2 eggs, a splash of milk & teaspoon of baking powder. Just how my mum used to make. I added half a chopped apple & a pinch of cinermon because i like it. I used two baking bowls. The first was for the mushroom stem & the other a oval shape for the mushroom head. I use baking paper so it doesn't stick. Remember the stem will take less time to bake because its a lot smaller.
Once your cake has baked & cooled you can position it into the mushroom shape

Next step is to ice it. I used ready to roll icing so you just need a rolling pin & icing sugar so it doesn't stick. I used chocolate spread over the cake or you can use jam, this is so your icing sticks to the cake & adds to the yummy flavour  .You only need a thin layer. Now you are ready to add the details so you will need red food colouring & a paint brush.

Paint the whole top section of the cake red, add a few icing circles to the mushroom head & strips of icing to the mushroom neck. I also cut some green card to make grass sides. I just inserted them into the cake for decoration.

I added a little fairy door which was just painted on with chocolate spread & a red sweet door knob. I used the same red sweets around the mushroom head as a trim & a few green ones near the door. Add some fresh strawberrys for decoration, they really make the red colours from the cake pop. ( the little sweets i used can be found in most supermarkets in the cake decorating section called ''Blackwood Lane rainbow chic chips" 
                                                               xxHappy Baking xx