zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Miniature Easter Bunny Rabbits Handmade craft gifts

How To Make Miniature Easter Bunny Rabbits

These very small little Rabbits are a bit fiddly but cute & inexpensive to make. They make great gifts for easter too.
They are made from felt fabric. Felt has a soft furry texture which adds to these cute bunnies. To make them cut a shape  of a bunnies body out of the felt fabric. Do this twice, one for the front & one for the back of the bunny. Sow them together using a little stuffing then stitch the eyes & mouth. Don't forget the little cotton tails.

Felt craft bunny rabbit with ballerina skirt
Perfect easter gifts for a boy & Girl. They can hang these on their bedroom door or from the bed. They are made from   felt & hand stitched. Each one has a diffrent theme, one ballerina & the other a pirate easter bunny

Happy easter handmade card using brown paper, felt tips & chalk pastels. All hand drawn onto a plain craft card.

Handmade felt bunny rabbit doll made from felt fabric with crochet scarf.

Felt bunny rabbit cake topper or plant decoration with fabric bow tie & mini bell. I used a BBQ stick to give it height.

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                         Hope you have a happy easter & enjoy making your easter crafts xxx

How to make a recycled rag rug or bath matt

Recycled Rag Rug/bath matt

I needed a new bath matt & didn't see any that i liked in the shops so i thought i will make my own. 

All you need to make this matt or rug is simply loads of scraps of fabric. I used matching complimentary colours but you can make a multi colour matt if you want. You don't need any crochet skills because this matt/rug was made simply by weaving & tying the fabric together. All it takes is your time which i found very therapeutic, tying & weaving the fabric together.  
I started off by cutting lots of strips of fabric, all the same length. The length is up to you. The longer the length the bigger the matt/rug will end up. I then knotted the middle so i had a centre to tie everything off. I used platted strips  of fabric & weaved them around the centre.
Then i added more strips by just tying them to the centre. Again i added to the centre weaving in & out the longer strands of fabric.

Keep on weaving, knotting & tying fabric

Keep on adding & it will begin to look more full. Try to space the different colours out.
At this point i desided i wanted it a little bigger so i just added some more strands & weaved/knotted some more

Nearly finished, i tryed it out for size. Once you are happy with the size start to weave & fill any gaps in the rug. If you want to you could add a base by cutting a circle of fabric & sowing it underneath.

finished matt. I used a needle & thread to just sow round the edge of the rug to neaten the edge or you could add tassels.

Russian doll inspired jewellery & keychain keyring craft

Russian doll inspired craft

I love russian dolls. When i was a child i was fasenated in the wooden stacking dolls so when i seen one for sale on ebay i had to buy it & this was my inspiration for making these little projects.
These cute & very little dolls are made from scraps of material. I used felt fabric for the head,  stitched the eyes/mouth & wrapped the scrap fabric around the head making the body. They are cute little keep sakes or look great on your christmas tree.

I brought the wooden russian dolls from eBay which first gave me the inspiration to make these earrings & keychain. These little miniture russian dolls are double sided & are sold on eBay i just put them together.

I used chain to connect the dolls onto the keychain & a little bell with pink wooden beads.
I added some green felt fabric which i cut into the shape of a leaf .

I use silver plaited earring hooks & added a green wood bead 

Key chain on hook
If there is a theme you would like to see me make & wright a post on please leave a comment. Thanks for reading my post xxx

day of the dead mexican sugar skull revamped chair

Sugar skull mexican day of the dead hand-painted chair

I love sugar skulls & tattoo style art with lots of colour. I also enjoy turning ordinary things into something a little different. No one chair is ever the same, i paint freehand so the design takes on a life of its own & often changes on the way.

sugar skull hand painted chair
3 sugar skulls with flower backdrop 

sugar skull chair with wrapped fabric decoration 

sugar skull harts & flowers 

sugar skull with flowers

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 A very easy way to give a chair a new look & you can use whatever colour fabrics you want to match your rooms decor.

Vintage Beach Style crochet Handmade Door Stop Inspiration for vintage home decor

Vintage Inspired Crochet Door Stop

To make this door stop you don't have to know how to crochet. I simply brought a vintage preloved table cloth from one of the salvation army stores or you could raid your grandparents attic.
The second thing you will need is a stone & if there isn't one laying around your garden then garden centres sell some nice shapes as it does work better if you use a nice big round shaped stone.
All you need now is a pair of scissors & a needle/thread.
Its such a easy & simple craft project with a functional use although i have used them as a ornament too.

All you need to do is mould the table cloth over the stone & trim off the excess cloth. Then sow in place keeping the crochet nice & tight as you go along.

Vintage table cloth from salvation army store

I added little felt cut-out flowers which you can match in colour to your home decor.

Please feel free to leave a comment or if there is anything you need inspiration with or a subject you would like to see a post on let me know & i will do my best xxx thanks for reading my blog x