zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How To Make A kids Felt Pirate Animal crafted Rabbit

How to make a cute little pirate rabbit door stop/bookend or creative birthday present.

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I find that with having a little boy that there are not always as many cute things to buy for them as there are for girls, although it is much better than it used to be. So i got my needle and thread out and made this cute little pirates mate.

It is very easy to make all you need is:

  • Felt fabric - I got mine from Lincraft out of the remenents box. This is an off cut box of leftover fabrics and they are much cheaper so make sure you take a look there before you go anywhere els. I used a grey colour for the body, black for the eye patch, red for the mouth and brown for the treasure chest.
  • Stuffing - got an old cushion you do not use, well reuse the stuffing or you can buy new from Lincraft.
  • Gold trim - this can be found in Lincraft also in the trims & lace section
  • Grey & Black thread and a sowing needle with scissors 
  • A stone to give it weight or you can use a sand bag or wheat grains
  • Skull fabric or anything with a pirate theme for the head scarf

Step one

Cut out a basic shape of the rabbits head & body from the grey felt. You will need to cut out two of everything when making a 3D charter. You will be stitching them together later but first i find it easier to embroder the detail onto the face. Cut a small eye patch out of the black felt and stitch on. Cut and stitch the red mouth add teeth detail with thread. Stitch nose and eye.

Step two

Stitch and sow all the edges, stuffing as you go. I find it easier to start with the head and work my way round to ears making sure the ears are tucked into the head when stitched because it looks neater. I use a double over stitch rather than a single stitch because its stronger. 
Remember to stuff the base/bum with a weight (sand bag, stone or wheat). This will enable the little pirate to sit up unaided and makes a great door stop too or bookend.

Step three

Add The Detail

The head scarf is just a small bit of fabric folded into a rectangle and stitched at the back. I also desided to embroider a small skull onto the rabbits chest.
And not to forget the little felt treasure chest. This is a simple box design in a rectangle shape. Cut out six sides, top & bottom are the same shape. Two sides and front/back. Stitch them together leaving the top till last. Only stitch one side of the lid to the rectangle otherwise it won't open. Add the darker stripe detail and catch to the lid.

Fill the box with the gold trim to create pirate gold.

And now you have a new ship mate to join the crew.

Here are a few other ship mate friends I created in the same way. 

hula girl rabbit & one eye cap-tin bag puss
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Have fun with your new creations xxx