zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cute mushroom felt fabric handmade keyring keychain


Cute little keychain with smiley face, how could you resist. This is a quick & easy little week night craft project and makes a great gift. Every time i use my keys it makes me smile

All you need for this project is :
  • red felt sheet fabric
  • cream cotton fabric or you can use felt for this too
  • a keychain hoop
  • needle and cream thread
  • scissors
  • stuffing to give a 3D effect
Step one- cut out a mushroom stork shape. Double two bits of fabric and cut at the same time to get a matching front & back.
Step two- stuff and sow the two bits of fabric together, this is your mushroom stem.
Step three- cut out two matching mushroom heads from the red felt, again if you double the fabric over when cutting you will get perfectly matching shapes.
Step four- you will now need to add the face, this is easier to sow on now before you sow and stuff the mushroom head. Cut out two circles one bigger than the other to add charter and a smiley mouth shape then sow to one side of the mushroom head.

Step five- simply sow the stem to the mushroom head making sure you sandwhich the stem inbetween the two red felt heads and sow the keychain the same way at the top of the mushroom.

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