zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Sunday, May 17, 2015

new art creative illustration sketchbook & photoshop combined fairytale circus, zombi plants, red ridding hood, dancing cats, tiger tea time, feathers, sons of anarchy, cosmic girl

Art Illustration digital techniques, Adobe Photoshop skills & traditional creative techniques combined 

I have just been lucky enough to be given Adobe photoshop so i have been teaching myself how to use it. I have been creating art with my new creative software by uploading art & retouching it & making imagies completely from scratch using the adobe features. I am loving using it although i am defiantly not an expert by any means! I am learning new skills all the time. UTube is great for tutorials & there are adobe magazines out there to buy & learn from. You can view all my art on my redbubble page www.redbubble.com/people/melaniedann

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs was created as a art print for www.redbubble.com/people/melaniedann and this one was totally created on Adobe photoshop. Using photshop is a real plus when it comes to printing on products as the colours are so bold & make a great print. By Melanie Dann

cosmic girl space inspired art was a hand sketch to start with just pencil on paper then i scanned it into Adobe photoshop & brought her to life. Using photoshop really was great for some of the effects i used like the lens flare which is the light spots on the art. She looks great printed onto a fashion bag & even skirts are now available on redbubble.com/people/melaniedann By melanie Dann

this was the original pen & ink sketch of floating feathers that was taken into photoshop & changed into the design below for redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann
I really wanted this design to look great when repeated onto fashion leggings,skirts & bags so thats why i added the black background so it could be joined up without a obvious seam or edge. I wanted it to be bold so i added the hot pinks & purple feathers. Find this on redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann

this was a cute red ridding hood cat on the way to grandmas house in the deep dark woods i did do a sketch first but just of the cats face then everything els was created in photoshop. The thing i love the most is you can change your mind when creating digital art & its not a major drama & when adding elements to the design you can undo then redo & see which you prefer. The stars were just a paintbrush options so already done for you shape wise. Find this cute creation on my redbubble page redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann

this was my first play around creation on Adobe photoshop it was son's of anarchy inspired black crow crying tears of blood. I had just watched the final episode & felt a bit sad but i won't sat anymore as i don't want to be a spoiler. This was a sketch that i worked on & played around with effects. redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann

one of my favourite creative designs just because i am a cat lover & dancing cats make me smile. This was a painting that i have taken into photoshop & added more detail to, deepening the colour & made it more crisp, find it on redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann

I find my art looking like a page out of a children's book i think as they are part of my imagination & childhood memories . I love picture books & fairytales. fairground, circus art hand painted & retouched in photoshop making it a vibrant image perfect for a caldrons or baby bedroom, nursery decoration redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann

inspiration from one of my fav kids books The tiger that came for tea, this is my version the tiger on his tea brake because tigers love tea, why not. redbubble.com/people/melaniedann by melanie dann