zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Feeding Fussy eaters, kids healthy creative recipe meal art inspired easy & fun food dinner time ideas

Reach for the stars. This is a simple idea using pasta as a corn field with a cucumber ladder with a capsicum monster reaching for a cheese moon & star. Also in the sky there is a burger meteorite with capsicum & cheese flames.

Fussy eaters kids healthy food ideas

My son is a real fussy eater, he is 4 in july & become more fussy than ever so something had to be done,i tried everything! until i thought of this & i can honestly say that is working, he has become less negative towards trying new things & is eating healthier so i hope this inspires you & works as well as it has for my family. Keep posted for more creative ideas.
Plants, stars & meteorite shower snack of chips cheese & apple. Try this instead of giving the kids a bag of chips, i only used a quarter of the bag of chips & he didn't even notice.

This little piggy! I used carrot for the clouds & sun, The pig was created using a simple biscuit cutter & was crumbed chicken. The pig troth was carrot with mash & green beans as grass & tiny spots of gravy for mud

space ship. One of my sons favourite the space ship was a cheese sandwich cut to shape with cracker details, cucumber window with capsicum flames. The sky is cheese stars with apple planet
I hope you have been inspired to create some fun food, i will be creating more ideas so stay posted xxx

#Gustav #Klimt #tribute #art #painting #illustration #wall #artist My favourite artist tribute painting suffering, madness, illness, death & evil

What i love about Klimt's work is the many different patterns, surface decoration he uses. I really enjoyed painting the water in the illustration

 This is a tribute inspired painting from one of my favourite artists Gustav Klimt. I have always loved his work since i did a project on him at college & wanted some new art for my living room so i got out the paint brush's & set to work. This painting was based on his Beethoven Frieze art work painted in 1902, i know 1902! He was so ahead of his time. This was only a very small section of that painting that i was drawn too in a airy way. I havn't completely copied his work i wanted to make it my own, i have exaggerated some parts & added others. 

The beethoven Frieze was a painting illustrating human desire for happiness in a suffering & tempestuous world with weakness & evil all around. The women that i have painted represented in his work sickness, madness, death, wantonness & lust, i hope i have captured those feeling in my tribute art work.

I love the gold that Klimt would use in his paintings. When the light hits my painting you can see the different bronze & gold paint i used

The different layers in this painting were almost like they were peeling & splitting out of the earth, like the skulls in the background

The different patterns that Klimt used in the background reminded me of DNA or cells & this worked well with representing sickness so i elaberated on this so they looked like cells multi plying 

I gave the painting a look where it was almost evil & death pouring out of a overhead porthole 

I gave the charters in this painting i slight sugar skull look

I also added a crown to the figure above the other figures she seemed to be more representative of evil hovering over the others

Im not sure what the little stone or creature represented in klimt's work but i saw it as a stone-the earth looking up at the women in horror