zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Native indian art bound & wrapped crafted fabric covered hand painted tattoo style ghost chair furniture

Native Indian Inspired Ghost Chair Crafted By Melanie Dann

Im in to American indian art style at the moment & have teamed that up with my love for skulls. I love the striking images & symbolic patterns & the way a picture tells a story & makes a statement.  
I used a basic wood framed chair & wrapped it with a black & tie dyed fabric. The seat of the chair i hand painted with a native indian skull with head dress of feathers. I used stars & a moon to depict the night & the circle represents the circle of life. I call this "Ghost Chair".
Ghost Chair
This is the chair when covered in fabric, i also liked it just like this hung on a wall
native American indian skull with head dress 

hand painted with acrylic paint & sealed with a tough varnish. native indian art.

native indian image

statement native indian chair

skull chair with head dress 

I love this tie-dye fabric
I use a staple gun to attach the fabric then wrap the chair in layers of fabric strips making sure to cover all staples

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