zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

craft fair Jewellery display made from recycled card/paper

Earring Jewellery Display.

Iv done two stalls now selling my handmade crafts and jewellery and both times it has amazed me how i ran out of tabletop space so i wanted to make a display for the earrings i sell which would save space and that cost very little money. I wanted something that would catch peoples eye but be functional at the same time so this is what i came up with.

List of materials you will need to make this:
  • Card board - I got mine from a cardboard box, beer boxes are good or breakfast boxes
  • coloured paper - I used scraps from magazines, newspapers or you can buy craft paper
  • scissors and craft knife for the intracate bits   
  • glue and sticky tape, I use PVA
  • A box for the base - I used old packaging
  • A weight for the base - I used a small bag of sand 

Step one

Mark out slots onto a A4 sheet of card. These are for the earrings to dangle from so make sure you leave enough space in-between them for the earring to dangle its full length.

cut out with a craft knife

I used diffrent sized gaps for the slots so i can hang different lengths of earrings from my display. If you want to display stud earrings you will need small holes instead.
 Step two
Now for some decoration, this is where you can use different craft paper, bits from magazines or hand paint/stencil if you are feeling artistic.

If you have some stamps you can use these to decorate too

I made a garden scene at the bottom which leads up to a sky scene at the top. Stick down all images with PVA glue.
 Step three
Nearly finished. Iv started to add a border of carboard flowers.Add the cut out flower shapes all the way around the edge, then add a cut out cloud to the top, the heart adds intrest and is also a good place for the price of your earrings to go. I also made small holes in the cloud so i could display stud earrings too.

 Step four
Get some sand put it in a sealable bag and tape it into the box which is your base. Turn the box over then glue & tape your A4 earring display to your box. 
the box can also be used to display bits on too
All finished just add jewellery!
If this dosn't catch your eye then nothing will!
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