zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Monday, April 30, 2012

Handmade Jewellery Ideas using vintage crochet

Handmade Jewellery Ideas For Crafty Fingers

I have lots of different ideas for homemade jewellery and am constantly coming up with new designs so this page will always be added to with new ideas to inspire you.
Handmade jewellery allows you to add that personal touch wheather you are making it for yourself or for a friend. There are so many mass produced peaces of jewellery for sale its nice to wear something individual. Jewellery to me adds that bit of personality to an outfit and there is nothing more complimentery than when someone asks where you got it from and you reply '' I made it ".

Vintage Lace/crochet Jewellery

This range was inspired by reusing a vintage crochet table cloth i brought from a charity shop. You could also use vintage lace or if you can crochet yourself then great.

Vintage table cloth. It can be cut into various shapes i go with the design when cutting, this has some beautiful circles in. 
Always do a quick measurement of your wrist before sowing.
I used a clasp i sourced from ebay. All you need to do is hand sow the clasp to the vintage lace one end and where the clasp hooks in and out sow again leaving a gap big enough for the clasp to hook in and out easily.

This is the above braclet with added charms. I used bits of broken jewllery and buttons to decorate it. The gaps in the lace are perfect for hooking charms onto.

This is another one i made with different charms.

This design uses those beautiful circles that were in the vintage table cloth. I used two circles and joined them together with elastic so one size fits all bracelet and just added a small bit of the crocet to hide the elastic. All hand sown.

With the elastic it fits any size and is super comfy to wear. You can either wear it as it is or add a bit of bling.

Bling added, which adds to the vintage look.

Another design with lots of charms. I also used a ribbon tie. I made the ribbon extra long so it rapped round adding to the design.

Again using those circles from the crochet i made a flower by scrunching the fabric together and sowing it in place. I added a perl bead to the centre.