zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
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Friday, September 14, 2012

Beach House Style Bird Mobile Handmade

Beach Style Mobile

This is a beautiful beach style mobile for you to make for your home. If you live by the sea or you want to remember that special seaside holiday then this is a great project for you. 
First you will need two sticks or bits of wood to make the cross bar for everything to hang. I gave it a wash of white paint but if you can find some nice drift wood that will do nicely. Drill a hole in the middle or bind with rope to hold it in place.

You will need strips of ribbon or lace in a cream or white colour. These strips will dangle at each end of the sticks & one in the middle. These strips are what you are going to attach all your trinkets from. Not forgetting a loop of ribbon at the top so you can hang it.

I collected shells from the beach, used cutout flowers & bird shapes from sheet felt fabric. Lots of shops sell great shells & starfish if you are not near a beach to collect them. The shells i used all had holes in them naturally so they could be easily sown on.

I used sequins for the birds eyes

I collected this dried sea sponge from the beach or you can buy sea sponge from shops

If you wanted to you could add some small bells or chimes for a relaxed sea wind chime

If you like the sea beach house style i have other posts with the same styling. If you have any requests on things you would like to see made please leave a comment & i will see what i can do xx