zombi plants & juicy eyeballs

zombi plants & juicy eyeballs
fun zombi art print by melanie dann

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

owl mum & baby handmade wall hanging mobile hoot hoot


Felt & crochet mum & baby wall hanging, hand sown.

This is a simple but effective wall hanging or mobile for a babies room. I packed a bit of lavender in mine to give it a nice smell as it was for my bedroom & if you have trouble sleeping lavender has relaxation benefits to aid sleep and its meant to keep moths away, so I'm told. It would also make a super mothers day present.

Things you will need to make this:

I brought this old table cloth from the salvation army shop, the round circles make great owl eyes.

  • Scissors & sowing needle
  • cream & brown thread
  • vintage crochet for the owl face or lace
  • cream felt about 2 A4 sheets & a small bit of brown felt for the feet
  • two beads
  • cord to hang & link the owls
  • stuffing to fill & optional some dried lavender (I brought my own lavender plant and dry my own, it works out cheaper in the long run)

This is the owl layout and the shapes you will need to cut out.
Step one-cut out the owl shape(the body)  by placing the two A4 felt sheets together. Mark out the shape in pencil on the top sheet then cut both sheets at the same time giving you a front & back. With the left over felt mark out the smaller owl and cut out in the same way.
Step two- cut out the feet, you will need two for the mummy owl. This is from the brown felt.         Step three- cut out the owl eyes from the table cloth or lace, i just followed the shapes that were in the pattern, you will need a set for the mummy owl & baby owl.                                               Step four- cut enough lenght of cord to loop over and hang the owl, a second bit to attach the mum owl to baby& a third bit to dangle the beads from.
Step five- sow it all together. Not forgetting to stuff as you go & if you like add the dryed lavender to give it a nice smell.                                              

sandwich the cord in-between the felt for a neat finish

mini hoot
Step six- thread two beads to the end cord and Knott the end so they can't fall off & enjoy xxxx
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